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QA Automation Engineer - Live Training

Class Start Date Status Price
QA Automation Engineer
Free is you sign a contract to work for us.
Jun 13 Open FREE


Call: (540) 449-5501


Curriculum/Topics Covered:

Automation Concepts, Test Cases, Test Scripts, Selenium, Git, Java, Maven, Gradle, Cucumber, , Junit, TestNG, REST/SOAP Service/API Automation, AWS/Azure Cloud, SQL, Jmeter, Load Runner, Agile Development, XCTest, UI Automator, Appium, Jira, Confluence, Linux, Shell Scripting, CI/CD, DevOps, TeamCity, Jenkins, Zephyr, HP ALM, Load Runner, QTP


Class Location

22710 Haggerty Road, Suite 190

Farmington Hills, MI 48335

Class Timings

Saturday and Sunday - 11am - 2pm

Office Location

22710 Haggerty Road, Suite 190

Farmington Hills, MI 48335


1) Why QA Automation Engineer?

The software development environment is changing and almost every application is automating all software development process to be automated so there is huge demand of automation engineers.


2) How much does a QA Automation Engineer pay?

QA Automation engineer positions currently pay $50-$80 per hour or even more. You will get 70%, 75% and 80% depending on your tenure with the company.


3) Are there any other expenses that you have not told me about?

We will provide FREE training, accommodation, placement, and interview/resume preparation assistance.


4) Who should learn QA Automation?

Anybody that has a good ability to grasp programming/automation skills. We are looking for bright and eager students that want to work soon and get a basic skill under their belt. We are also looking for someone that will commit to finishing the course. We do not want people that have other obligations or cannot attend the full course.


5) Can I pay the deposit or full payment via Credit Card?

Yes, you can.  But remember this class is free for recent Bachelors/Masters Graduates.


6) Tell me about my teacher?

He is a great teacher and has taught and mentored hundred of students in QA positions.


7) Do you provide projects to work on?

Our teacher believes in practical knowledge more than theoretical knowledge and there will be lots of practical work to master your skills.


8) How do you select students for the FREE training?

There will be a small interview with out owner, and once selected you will be placed in free training and placement program.


Other Information

Any Questions Please call me at 540-449-5501



This class is free for Recent College Graduates!


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